Power Inverter

The Power Inverter

True Sine Wave power inverters (best):
A True Sine Wave power inverter produces the closest to a pure sine wave of all power inverters and in many cases produces cleaner power than the utility company itself. It will run practically any type of AC equipment and is also the most expensive. Many True Sine Wave power inverters are computer controlled and will automatically turn on and off as AC loads ask for service. They are well worth the extra cost. The automatic capabilities make it seem more like Utility Company power.

You just flick on a light switch (or whatever) and it works. When you turn off the light or the refrigerator kicks off for example, the power inverter shuts down to save battery power. We recommend using a True Sine Wave inverter if you want to supply automatic power to a normal home using a wide variety of electrical devices. Also, most appliances run more efficiently and use less power with a True Sine Wave inverter as opposed to a Modified Sine
Wave power inverter.